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There are a lot of trends when it comes to the food industry.  One year the hot trend in what to feed one animal is completely obscure the next.  At Reserve Run Farm, we aren't opposed to change, we just haven't found a good enough reason to do so.  Our cattle have been eating the same high forage diet that my grandfather Wayne Johnson started feeding his cattle in 1943.  This diet consistently produces a very rich and concentrated beef flavor that is exclusive to our cattle no matter what time of the year it is.  Not only will you notice our distinctive flavor, you will also notice a very lean beef that also has very good marbling.  We hear customer's frequently tell us that our beef reminded them of when they would eat at their grandparents house when they were young.

If you shop for beef at your local grocery or even at your local farmer's market you will see two opposing views on how to feed your cattle.  Grass fed beef and grain fed beef.  Each have their pros and cons.  Long before this two sided argument, we chose a path that created a balanced diet for our cattle which was beneficial to them and our customers.  Our cattle eat a diet of unlimited high quality hay, corn silage and just a little ground corn.  Our cattle eat at least 90% green matter in their diet, with just enough ground corn to give consistent marbling and great flavor.  This recipe is also called a high forage diet. 

Corn silage is a forage food.  It is the entire corn plant chopped into small pieces when it is still green.  Once we chop the corn, we blow it into the silos where it uses gravity to pack itself tightly.  Because we put it in the silo a little wet, it combines with natural yeasts already on the plant and ferments in the silo to naturally preserve itself.  The product is a high quality feed which is highly palatable and digestible for the cattle.  Corn silage has largely been phased out in American agriculture because of it's labor intensive nature.  We spend a good deal of time filling and maintaining our silos.  We also spend a good deal of time feeding them silage via a wheelbarrow.  

The hay our cattle eat is another thing on our farm that we are proud of.  Hay is also a forage.  We put our hay in feeders so the cattle have access to it all day, every day.  We blend different varieties of seeds to create high quality and palatable hay for our cattle.  Before we plant any seed in our hay fields, we plan what dietary needs our cattle require so that we can plant it, bale it, store it and feed it to them accordingly to what they need at a particular time of the year.  The varieties we typically blend in our hay fields are alfalfa, orchard grass, timothy, and different clovers.  Each brings something to the table and we utilize their benefits to our cattle's advantage.

The grain we feed our cattle is grown, harvested, stored and ground on our farm.  We grind our corn in a hammer mill and feed it to them directly afterward.  We feed it to them on top of their silage.  It is sort of like icing on the cake for their meals.  Unlike some producers who feed large quantities of grain to pack on pounds quickly, we use our grain as a tool for consistency.  Depending on the growth stage of our cattle we dedicate no more than 10% of their daily feed intake towards grain.  This keeps the acid in their stomachs low while keeping enough starch in their rumen to promote healthy digestion.  It also encourages a slower growth with much less stress on our cattle. 

We have been raising beef long enough to know that high quality feed produces high quality beef regardless of the breed of cattle.  That is why we only feed products we have grown ourselves.  Also, because of our growing,  harvesting and feeding processes, we produce consistantly high quality beef with a dependable and delicious flavor.  We think our labor intensive and balanced diet is the right thing to do for our cattle, and also for you, our customer. 

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