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Pasture Raised Chicken

Pasture Raised Chicken

After 73 years of specializing in All Natural Beef we expanded our product lineup to include healthy, delicious, hormone and antibiotic free pasture raised chicken.  We start with a custom blend of feed that we grind and mix on our farm in small batches.  Our blend includes corn that we grow on our farm as well as soybean meal, organic blends of vitamins and minerals, fish meal, kelp, and ground limestone for calcium.  We do not cut any corners in the blend we feed our chickens.  The products we purchase are the highest quality we can purchase.  Because we have chosen not to use antibiotics in our feed, the quality of feed that our chickens eat requires that it be top of the line.  By blending the feed on the farm, we maintain strict control over quality.

When the chicks finish growing their feathers which protect them from the elements, we take them outside to live in pasture houses that we custom built.  They are a 10x12 house modeled after a concept originally designed by the pasture poultry pioneer, Joel Salatin.  Our pasture houses are then moved to fresh grass daily.  The chickens continue to eat their custom blend of feed and supplement their diet with fresh grass.  The daily moving of the pens allows the chickens access to fresh grass that hasn't been spoiled by their "fertilizer."  The added benefits are that the chickens have fresh air and a clean living area which keeps them healthy without the use of antibiotics.  The chickens will end up with higher Omega-3 fatty acids in their meat, and the grass receives a healthy dose of fertilizer right after it has been picked by the chickens.  It's a win-win.

The chickens are harvested between  7-8 weeks old.  They are at the peak of their growth and the most tender at that age.  At 8 weeks our chickens will dress out between 5-6 pounds.  We have our chickens custom butchered by hand and vacuum packaged.  We offer whole and half birds, breasts- bone-in and skin on or boneless skinless.  We also offer leg and thigh quarters, wings and bones for making stock.  In limited batches we have ground chicken and specialty links such as sweet Italian sausage and bratwursts.

Our chickens are completely different from what you purchase at the grocery store.  The first thing you will notice is a very clean flavor.  The high quality feed coupled with fresh grass and clean air give our chickens this unique quality.  We also don't package the chicken in gas.  We vacuum out all of the air and freeze it.  Cold temperature and high quality packaging is what we use to maintain freshness and quality, not gasses and chemical baths.  Another highlight of our chicken is that they aren't exposed to long baths in water which allow the chicken to absorb the water that they are soaking in.  We are in the business of selling high quality meat, not water.  You will also notice that our chicken breasts have noticeable muscle fiber.  Because our chickens are on pasture they move around scratching and pecking, doing what chickens do, and building muscle is a positive benefit of that.  The breasts have a texture that is similar to a steak because of the long muscle fiber and lack of additional water.  We recommend cooking the breasts on a slightly lower heat over a longer period to achieve the highest quality from your purchase.

We introduced pasture raised chickens to our farm because we felt it was the right choice to feed our family and yours.  We also feel that our method of production gives our chickens the highest quality of life as well.  The benefits of a healthy and happy chicken equate to a very high quality finished product that is higher in vitamins and omega 3 fatty acids than store bought chickens.  You also have the comfort of knowing that the chicken you purchase has never been fed hormones or antibiotics.  We hope you try our chicken.  We know you will love it!   


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