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Freezer Pork Pricing and Info

Freezer Pork

Buying a whole hog for your home freezer is a great way to stock up and to keep a steady supply of high quality pork on demand.  Our pigs are fed a blend of feed that we grind and mix on the farm.  We use corn that we grow on the farm, roasted soybean meal and an all-natural mixture of vitamins and minerals that is free of animal by-products.  Our pork has a very fresh and clean taste which is a result of fresh air and comfy living conditions.  Deep bedding, room to move around and spring water all combine to produce high quality pork that you will give you a memorable experience time and time again.  Guarantee yourself a steady supply of bacon, pork chops and house made sausages by purchasing a whole hog for your home freezer.


Our freezer pork is sold based on the hanging weight, also known as carcass weight of the pig. The hanging weight is the weight of the pig when it is dressed and hanging on the rail.  For example, a 250# live weight pig will have an approximate hanging weight of 180#.  Depending on how you have it processed, on average, you will end up with around 145# of pork in your freezer.  

The pig is priced separately from the processing because there are many options when it comes to processing a pig.  We are happy to go over those options with you to give you an idea of what is possible.  A general ballpark for processing fees will be in the $160-$200 range.  The main factors affecting processing are how much meat is cured and smoked, if it is sliced or not and how much sausage you have made.

How it works:

We try to keep our process as simple as possible.  You call or email us to reserve your pig.  We take the pig to the butcher, near Greenville, OH and get a hanging weight back from the butcher within a day or two.  We let you know the weight of the pig and the total cost of the pig.  You send us payment and contact the butcher to give them your cutting instructions.  The butcher will call you and let you know when everything has been processed and you pick up the pig from the butcher.  You will pay the butcher separately from us.  We accept cash, check or credit card.  Credit cards will have a 3% surcharge to cover processing fees.


Current pricing for our freezer pork is $2.35/lb. based on hanging weight.

We target 180# for the hanging weight of the pigs, but it will vary animal to animal.  The average ballpark price for a pig will be $425 plus processing.  We can't give a firm price on what each pig will cost because it is all based on the weight of each individual animal.  When it is all put together, you will have around a $600 investment for a freezer full of pork.  

Please don't hesitate to call or email with any questions.  You can email questions to Drew@reserverunfarm.com or call 513-461-7513.





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