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Freezer Beef Price list

Reserve Run Farm  Price List

Freezer Beef


Currently our cattle for freezer beef are not ready for market.  We will have cattle available in the fall of 2014 at the earliest. 


Prices for our Hormone Free and Antibiotic Free, All Natural Beef are based on hanging weight and include vacuum packaging in clear plastic and individual labeling.  Purchaser is responsible for pick up of meat at the butcher's near Greenville, OH.

Whole- $3.10 per pound

Avg. wt. 800 lbs. (Hanging Weight)

Avg. price $2,480


Half- $3.20 per pound

Avg. wt. 400 lbs. (Hanging Weight)

Avg. price $1,280

Quarter- $3.30 per pound

avg. wt. 200 lbs. (Hanging Weight)

Avg. price $660



Whole and half beeves are fully customizable.  Quarter beeves are customizable, but have some limitations.  Quarter beeves are mixed quarters from the front and hind quarters so it is just like buying half of a side of beef.  Payment in full is required before beef will be released from the butcher's.  We accept cash, check or credit card.  Please feel free to call or email with any questions.

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Let Someone Else Cook Reserve Run Beef For You

Reserve Run Farm has proudly partnered with the following restaurants so that you can enjoy our beef and chicken even when you arent cooking it!


Maple Street Station Dining Hall- EnCounter and Americas Restaurants-

Miami University Main Campus, Maple Street, Oxford, OH.

Quarter Barrel Brewery and Pub- 107 E. Church St., Uptown Oxford, OH.

Kona Bistro- 31 W. High St., Uptown Oxford, OH.  www.konabistro.com


Where to Buy Our Products

We have partnered with the following retail outlets so that you can enjoy our quality products at your home with family and friends.


The Moon Co-op Community Market

512 S. Locust St., Oxford, OH. 45056

Market Street at MacCracken

Miami University Main Campus


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